Privacy Notice

Pursuant to articles 15 and 16 of the Federal law for Personal Data Protection in possession of Individuals (THE LAW), we make available the following privacy notice:

  • I. The Responsible of your personal data protection is Productos de Trigo with telephone number 3812-8181, e-mail: and domicile in Calle Quetzal No. 1132, Colonia del Morelos, C.P. 44910, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
  • II. The objective of using your personal data shall be the following:
    • 1. Conduct interviews, labor and personal references, recruitment, contracts elaboration, reports to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, elaboration of Administrative Records;
    • 2.
    • 3. Elaboration of payrolls, affiliation changes with the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), annual informative statements, filling of formats for IMSS, clarification of IMMS requirements/National Institute of the Housing Fund for Workers (INFONAVIT);
    • 4. Plans and training programs and personnel development;
    • 5. Elaboration of labor letters, admissions, vacation, suspension, visa, passport and recommendations;
    • 6. Salaries payment, wages and other benefits, compensation and severances related to the Federal Labor Law.
    • 7. Have an effective communication with customers, employees and providers;
    • 8. 6. Commercial Relation with providers and customer with regard to purchase and sale of raw material, spares, articles, goods and services, promotions, surveys, among others; and
  • III. The Data obtained and place for obtaining the same will be:
    • 1. Directly.- When we personally require you and/or by e-mail and/or telephone, fax and/or web pages and/or personal data internal formats; and
    • 2. Indirectly.- When obtained through other sources allowed by law.
  • IV. With regard to sensitive personal data, with respect to the labor relation, the company shall keep a health record due to it is necessary to have a detailed records in case of any contingency, complying in this way with the Mexican official standard NOM-168-SSA1-1998.
  • V. V. We commit to limit the use or disclosure of your personal data and use them only for the purpose above mentioned in the paragraph II of this notice, so that in no way we will disclose the information in our possession to any person or company, except for the purposes related to PRODUCTOS DE TRIGO, S.A. DE C.V., provided that these are necessary for the development of the contractual relationship and/or commercial or business activity. Our data base is only accessible for the select personnel working in this company and is protected under strictest security measures both physical and electronic.
  • VI. Is the sense of using your access rights, rectification, cancelation or objection (ARCO) to the use of your personal data. , You as holder of the personal data have the right of:
    • 1. Obtain your personal data in possession of the Company;
    • 2. To have access to the privacy note to which your personal data are subject to.
    • 3. Correct your personal data when this is not correct or complete.
    • 4. Cancel them whenever you consider this is not required for any purpose specified in this privacy notice, data are being used for objectives not authorized or the contractual relationship has been terminated.
    • 5. To be against the Company uses your personal data when you as holder of the same do not provide it.

Now, in terms of article 22 of the Law, you or through legal representative may exercise your ARCO rights, carrying out the following steps:

  1. 1. Personally: you should come to our office and fill out the format that we provide you at no cost for that purpose, complying with the following requirements:
    • a) Name of personal data?s holder and domicile or any other mean in order the Company may inform you the answer given to your request;
    • b) Documents evidencing the identity or, if applicable, the legal representation of the holder;
    • c) Clear and precise description of personal data with respect to which it is sought to access, rectify, cancel or object its use.
  2. 2. E-mail: it will be necessary to send an e-mail to the address specified in the paragraph I of this notice, from the address in which we have communicated with you, complying with the following requirements:
    • a) Holder?s name;
    • b) Documents evidencing the identity or, if applicable, the legal representation of the holder;
    • c) Clear and precise description of personal data with respect to which it is sought to access, rectify, cancel or object its use.
  3. 3. Term: The term to address and resolve your request will be according to provided by articles 28 to 35 of the LAW.
  • VII. VII. Transference of personal data: Although your data will be strictly used for the purposes above mentioned in the paragraph II of this notice, some of these data could be exchanged between affiliates that belong to GRUPO OLEOMEX by reason of the nature of their works and/or purpose of complying those obligations derived from the relation between you and the development of business established with the foregoing company, besides exceptions stipulated by article 37 of THE LAW. If you as a holder do not object that your data is transferred in according with the previous paragraph, we understand that you accept we carry out such transference, all this according to article 36 of THE LAW.
  • VIII. Amendments to this privacy notice. The company reserves the right to modify or update, at any time, this privacy notice, in case legislative reforms or internal policies are updated, among others. The Company will notify and make available amendments and/or alterations and/or changes made to the privacy notice through the web page.